General Mills + Pokémon

In-Stream Interactive TV Ad

  • Client: General Mills
  • Goal: Drive awareness of the cross-brand promotion and exclusive collectibles.
  • Overview: Inspired by the Pokémon TV show’s commercial bumpers, I created a series of “Name that Pokémon” trivia games for adult viewers and their children to enjoy. In each game, viewers were presented with a clue and Pokémon character silhouette. Using their remote controls, viewers could reveal the Pokémon character at any time, making for a fun commercial break that highlighted the exclusive cards inside select boxes.
  • Platform: Roku
  • Role: Art Director, Lead Designer, Copy Writer
  • Agency: BrightLine

Pikachu Clue

Pikachu Reveal

Rowlet Clue

Rowlet Reveal

Litten Clue

Litten Reveal

Popplio Clue

Popplio Reveal

Video Demo

Watch the video demo to see the each Pokémon’s mini-game in action.