Mass Effect Andromeda

Full-Screen Interactive TV Ad

Client: EA Games
Goals: Build excitement for EA’s latest game release and drive engagement with branded video content.
Overview: Ahead of the much-anticipated game release in the Mass Effect series, we designed a video hub to showcase game trailers, character spotlights, and, gameplay footage, giving gamers a sneak peak during the key promotion period. This was EA’s first foray into OTT advertising.
Platform: Hulu OTT Apps: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Role: Art Director
Designer: Hillary Blick
Agency: BrightLine

Entry Point

We placed the commercial spot in a squeeze-back frame to give adequate attention to the CTA and maximize viewer action. Using their remote or game controller, viewers “clicked” to enter the full-screen video gallery.

Video Gallery

Once in the full-screen video gallery, viewers could sit back and watch videos in the playlist or click to watch a specific video.

Video Demo

Watch the demo video below to see the campaign in action.