Cadillac ATS Sedan

Interactive Channel

Client: General Motors
Goals: Showcase the design and capabilities of the new Cadillac ATS Sedan.
Overview: I created a clean and sophisticated experience for viewers to learn more about the 2016 ATS Sedan on DirecTV. Viewers were greeted with looping video/animations upon arrival which encouraged them to engage with the features within: an elegant image gallery and a dynamic car builder which allowed viewers to customize the 2016 ATS Sedan to fit their exact specifications and be better equipped once at the dealership.
Platform: DirecTV Channel 111
Role: Art Director, Lead Designer
Agency: BrightLine

Entry Point – Enhanced Commercial

Viewers encountered the enhanced commercial during normal commercial breaks on DirecTV. The commercial encouraged them to visit channel 111 to see more and even build their own Cadillac ATS Sedan.

Interactive Channel Home

Viewers interested to learn more visited channel 111. Once at the channel, the commercial spot played in a squeeze back frame while custom animated billboards drove viewers to the “EXPLORE” and “BUILD” sections of the channel.

Explore – Image Gallery

Once at the Explore feature, viewers discovered key facts of the ATS Sedan alongside hi-res images of the car at different angles.


Build – Step 1/3 – Exterior

Viewers saw more angles of the Cadillac ATS Sedan and learned more about what sets this car about from the competition.

Step 2/3 – Interior


Step 3/3 – Wheels



Video Demo

Watch the demo video below to see the campaign in action.