Red Bull’s The Art of Flight

Interactive Ad // Xbox 360

Based on the success of previous interactive TV camapigns, Red Bull partnered with us to create a unique experience on Xbox to raise awarness for their upcoming film. The Art of Flight features on Travis Rice and his fellow snowboarding friends as they travel the globe in search of the most extreme locations to snowboard. Within the experience, viewers watched outtakes and bonus clips, read bios about each athlete, and for the first time, viewers were able to purchase the film without ever leaving the branded experience.

Video Walkthrough

Video Gallery // Home

Multiple videos were housed within category tiles. Clicking on one caused the category video thumbnails to animate into position.



Ride With the Athletes

First-person POV clips gave viewers the chance to ride along with Travis Rice and other snowboarders on some of the world’s most difficult runs.



Meet the Riders

Viewers learned more about each of the film’s main athletes.




twitter Feed

In a first ever for Xbox, viewers were able to tweet at Red Bull and see their posts appear in real-time within the Xbox ad experience.